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Tax Q&A: Your tax questions on refinancing loan security. – Tax Q&A: Your tax questions on Refinancing Loan Security, answered.. My question is about Airbnb and the implications it can have on capital gains tax. I have been living in my PPOR for five years and rented out my apartment twice during the year 2014.. investment property tax IN.

How To Refinance A House You're Renting Out – Bankrate – A second mortgage on the rental house will make refinancing difficult because that lender probably won’t agree to remain in the lesser position if the first loan is refinanced.

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Debenhams share price: where to next as Sports Direct circles? – The bridge financing, which would be repaid if the larger refinancing is secured, was a vital lifeline for the company as it needs to pay the likes of its quarterly rent later this month. in.

Buying a House Without Your Spouse: Your Mortgage. – Tying the knot comes with a lot of financial implications.It can raise your taxes. It can lower them (if you’re lucky). It can affect the types of retirement accounts you can get.

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Invest smarter | ASIC’s MoneySmart – Video: How to invest smarter. Video about how to invest smarter with Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon. nicole pedersen-mckinnon talks about how to know when you’re ready to invest, knowing what to invest in, and developing an investment plan.

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12 tempting tax tips for 2012 – In 2013, a new 3.8 percent Medicare tax is slated for collection on profits from the sale of investment property. This includes capital gains, dividends, interest payments and, for those who own.

Refinancing For Rental Property Deduction – – Refinancing for rental property deduction. If you use the money to acquire another rental property and it is generating passive income, then that income may be offset by any passive losses generated by your first rental property due to the mortgage interest deduction. Thanks for the great question.

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What Is a Cash-Out Refinance? | The Truth About Mortgage – Tax situations vary so consultation with a CPA may be advisable. Can I get a cash-out refinance on a rental property? Yes, though the LTV limits could be significantly lower. We know the max LTV is around 80-85% for primary residences. For rental properties, aka investment properties, you might be looking at a max LTV of 70-75%, or lower.

How to Refinance Rental Property with a Great Rate in 5 Steps – Refinancing an investment property can have certain tax implications. It’s important to consult with a tax expert to make sure you know what they are. In general, after you refinance an investment property, your interest rate is lower so you’re paying less interest.