Why Does My Mortgage Keep Going Up

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Why does the principal/interest applied to my balance. – In my first payment on 6/03/2011, the principal applied to my balance was $261.11 and the interest was $221.64. As I kept making the payment on-time, the principal applied to my balance kept increasing and the interest kept decreasing. But as you can see on 11/03/2011, the money applied to my principal went down and the interest taken went up.

What Causes a fixed-rate mortgage payment to Go Up? – Keep Me Signed In What does. It’s after escrow analysis that you might see your fixed-rate mortgage payment go up.. then your fixed-rate mortgage payment shouldn’t have reason to change for.

What Does Pre Approval Mean For A Home Loan As a borrower, it’s important to know what a mortgage pre-approval does (and doesn’t do), and how. buyer and verifies that you have the financial means to make good on an offer to purchase their.

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Keep an eye on insurance trends yourself and shop around to make sure you’re getting the best rate you can. Or, set aside a savings account you deposit a set amount into as an escrow back up plan. This way if your escrow account does wind up short, you’ll have the extra funds to pay it immediately rather than roll that into your monthly.

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Why does my fixed mortgage keep going up? | Yahoo Answers – I bought a foreclosed house in Feb ’09. The Principle and interest are about 270.00. Initially I was paying about 450.00/month with taxes and insurance. Then they raised the escrow amount to 550. Now its raised again to 630.00. Thats almost 200.00 month increase in 2 plus years. When I got the house, I actually had the city re-evaulate the appraisal, which lowered my taxes.

How to cope with HELOC payment shock – Interest – If you’re among those facing a bumped-up HELOC payment, here are six potential solutions:. giving you more time to regain equity in your home as home prices continue to go up.". If your first mortgage is guaranteed by Fannie or Freddie,

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Why Did Your Mortgage Payment Go Up or Down? – Ditech – While many increases are beyond your control, you may be able to reduce the costs of others, such as obtaining new, less expensive homeowners insurance or refinancing an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) to a fixed rate mortgage. So, when you ask yourself Why did my mortgage payment go up or down?, you will