How Old Must You Be To Join The Army

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Originally Answered: At what age can we join the army? Thanks for A2A.. if you have the alacrity and determination to join our elite armed forces, then there's lots .

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There are technically no specific age requirements for soldiers seeking to become army rangers. Thus, the effective age limits are the same as those required to join the Army in the first place. Applicants must be at least 17 years old (or 18 without parental permission) and no older than 41 years old.

When joining the Army there are specific age, citizenship, academic, physical and legal qualifications that you must meet first. Watch this video to learn if you meet the requirements to enlist.

As the need for troops wanes or grows, it may ultimately make sense for the military to continue to enforce the age restrictions and give the younger generation a chance to serve. Qualified veterans and servicemembers are never too old to obtain a VA loan: Your DD214 Helps You to Get a VA home loan. photo courtesy of Robert Couse-Baker

Joining The Army (2019) | MEPS (Initial Steps/Things To Know) The SOLE PURPOSE of this website is devoted to REUNITING OLD LIVING FRIENDS of the Army Security Agency, active years 1945-1976 + (more or less) Remember. if you DON’T hear from me within 24 hours of registering, If you don’t include an email address in the Form Itself I CANNOT contact you! Also if you include ANY COMMAS your email address drops off the spreadsheet!!!

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