how to find out how much my home is worth

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Visit local bookstores or the library to check out books on the class of collectible for more information on your item. Although you can’t really sit down and research an item at a bookstore, a quick look will tell you whether it’s worth buying the book for more information.

Find out how much your home is worth with Zolo’s Home Value Calculator Tool. Get an instant estimate of the current value of your house by entering your address above. zolo estimates canadian home values based upon many factors, including nearby homes, recently sold properties, Canadian Census data, location and other real estate market.

how to negotiate a mortgage Obtaining a mortgage loan seems like a relatively straightforward process, but because of the variety of options in the lending world it can sometimes feel like you are navigating the ocean in a canoe. A good way to ensure a great mortgage rate is to use two mortgage lenders during the process as a negotiation tool.

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Even without the help of a real estate appraiser, you can find out your lot’s actual value by performing a land residual analysis. Here’s how to do it: Determine its potential final market value. subtract construction hard costs and development soft costs as well as the developer’s profit from it.

Find your home’s current market value. The price you paid for your home may not be the current value of your home. To calculate your home equity, you will need the most up-to-date estimate on your home’s worth. You can find that information by typing your home address into the search box on, and then viewing the page with all the details on your home. An estimated value of your home, called the Redfin Estimate, is displayed next to the last-sold

No matter what information you find regarding the value of your antique or collectible, it’s only worth as much as someone is willing to pay you for it! Just because a price guide says your antique doorknob is worth $100, if no one will give you that much, then it’s not. Sorry.

Find the number of active listings in a specific area. Divide it by the number of pending transactions in the same area. Multiply the result by 60 (days). The number you come up with is the days of inventory for that specific area.