Reasons For Other Than Honorable Discharge

It’s difficult, but not impossible, to get your bad paper discharge upgraded to honorable or get the reasons for your discharge changed. Some veterans want their discharge changed even if they remain eligible for many VA benefits, because they feel it dishonors the service they provided to their.

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Discharge from the Military. When someone is released from their contract to serve in the military, they are considered discharged.It signifies the end of a period of service.

Other Illegal Actions. The majority of other illegal actions, such as drug abuse or domestic violence, will likely not lead to a dishonorable discharge. They may however cause a soldier to be discharged as a bad conduct discharge or an other than honorable discharge.

To whom awarded: The Cold War Certificate may be awarded to any current New york state citizen or a person who was a New York State citizen while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States during the Cold War period, 2 september 1945 to 26 December 1991, whose entire service was honorable.

Impact on Eligibility for VA health care benefits with other than Honorable Discharge.

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received an "other than honorable" discharge remains to be seen. The judge asked Vann if he understood the reason for the hearing in the strangulation death of Hardy. But Vann stood stone-faced,

Digressing back to the Other than Honorable discharge. Contrary to the hype. the only way the OTH follows someone, is if they really want another job in government, AND that government job really gives it any weight.

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Veterans who were discharged from the military prior to 1980, under "other than honorable" conditions for such issues as personality disorder, failure to adjust, or unsuitable for military duty due to symptoms that were related to PTSD, even though that was unknown at the time of their discharge, are able to request a change to their.

An other-than-honorable discharge is not as serious as a dishonorable discharge, the harshest form of dismissal from the military. The lesser punishment may be issued for misconduct, for security.

There are many types of military discharges other than honorable and. where a DD Form 214 Report of Discharge is required for employment or other reasons.

Other Than Honorable: A Sailor's Tale (Interview) Military discharge upgrade information. CAREER INFORMATION. 30 Second Interview. Personal Appraisal . Resume. Resume Do’s & Don’ts