what is my house worth right now

What is my house worth? Use our property valuation site (estimator) to research recently sold homes in your neighborhood and the value of your home. Our values are only estimates, for a more detailed analysis of your property please connect with a local professional in our Pro Directory.

what credit scores do lenders look at Does anyone know what credit score mortgage lender look at. – 12/03/2007  · Best Answer: Almost all lenders will actually use the middle of the three scores. Some lenders (usually credit unions) will only use one score and that varies by their choice so it is best to just ask them. If you are planning to use a mortgage broker then chances are they will use your middle score.

Real estate agents can do a comparative analysis, appraisers can inspect your home and websites exist to estimate your home’s value simply based on your address. However, with a little research and careful analysis of your own, you can determine what your house is worth on your own.

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#2 They Don’t Expect Dollar-for-Dollar Returns. "Many homeowners think, ‘Of course my home is worth a bazillion dollars,’" says Newgent. If they put in a few thousand dollars worth of new flooring, for example, they might overestimate the upgrade’s impact on the home’s value into the tens of thousands.

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This is a tough question to answer because like any other statistical model they could get the value right on the nose or be $100,000 or more off. It’s a bit of a.

Getting the Most out of your Home Appraisal is essential when answering the question, "How much my house is worth now ". So, you’ve put your house on the market, a buyer has come through and made an offer. You listed the house at $625,000, the buyer offered $565,000, so you settled on $599,000.

You’ve spared no effort to convince the assessor that your house is worth less than the official report, but now it’s time to primp. the couple their timing was impeccable and the price is right..

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